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At Andrew Murray Dental Care we offer the highest standard of dental care, using the most current techniques and philosophies. Our practitioners personalise dental care to your individual requirements, not only caring for your teeth and gums, but also caring about your general health and wellbeing.

We have a strong focus on regular preventive care for all our patients and believe prevention of dental disease is smarter and more cost-effective than treatment. Latest research highlights the relationship between oral diseases and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and sleep apnoea. This research even suggests that an improvement in oral health can actually lower risks of some of these diseases. This is why our team are passionate about helping our patients understand what optimal oral health looks and feels like and how they reduce these risks.

Our team at Andrew Murray Dental Care love caring for people who have dental anxiety, fear or phobia. We understand there are many reasons why people may not feel comfortable in a dental environment and we are here to listen to you about past experiences and how we can reduce your fears – we believe in rebuilding trust so we will go out of our way to make sure you feel safe and relaxed.

Dr Andrew Murray

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Dr Andrew Murray

Dr Andrew Murray is the principal dentist at Andrew Murray Dental Care and has been providing high quality dental care in Hampstead Gardens. Many of his patients and their families have been visiting him for decades and appreciate that Dr Murray takes the time to get to know everyone and ensures all treatments are fully explained. Dr Murray is extremely proud of his state-of-the-art facilities and takes a great deal of pleasure in helping patients gain and maintain healthy smiles. Dr Murray is particularly passionate about patient education and enjoys explaining how preventative dentistry can reduce or eliminate the risk of dental diseases.