Teeth Whitening

How do home whitening kits work?

Your treatment begins with an examination to ensure you are suitable for teeth whitening and will benefit from using our kits. Our take-home whitening kits are easy and effective and consist of custom-made whitening trays which are used in conjunction with professional-strength whitening gel. We can prescribe the correct strength of whitening gel to safely whiten your teeth and we will show you precisely how to fill the trays. You’ll be given instructions on the length of time to use the whitening trays and this may vary from a few hours to overnight.

The kits are generally used for one to two weeks and you will begin to see the difference in just a few days. The results of teeth whitening can last for quite some time, but we can prescribe additional gel to safely top up the results every so often.

Whiten in our surgery for ultra-fast results

If you would prefer to lighten your teeth more quickly, consider in-chair tooth whitening. Your treatment will begin in the same way, with a check-up to determine your suitability for tooth whitening. The actual procedure will take between two and a half to three hours as we need to spend about an hour preparing your mouth for whitening. It is very important that all the soft tissues in your mouth are properly isolated so the whitening gel will not touch them. Once the gel is applied it is activated with a light to help the bleach penetrate the teeth more easily. The gel is left in position for fifteen minutes before being removed and re-applied, a process which is repeated up to four times. Next, we apply special de-sensitising material and will explain how to look after your teeth for the first few days. It is important to avoid highly coloured foods until your teeth have settled down.

At the end of treatment, your teeth will have lightened by several shades, providing you with a naturally white and beautiful smile. One thing to bear in mind about in-chair tooth whitening is that it can increase tooth sensitivity after treatment. If you have particularly sensitive teeth then we may recommend you use a home whitening kit instead. It is easier to stop treatment for a day or two to allow any sensitivity to subside before continuing to comfortably whiten your teeth.

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